Etherton Software

providing clarity for your projects

Software and Website development can be expensive and time consuming. Ensuring you understand the options before committing thousands of dollars for software development is critical to identifying the best solution for your needs.

If you are confused about the technical jargon in quotes or unsure if you need a Mobile Website or a Mobile App, or if you don't know the difference; I can help you.

As an independent consultant I can explain the technical terminology and the costs involved enabling you to make informed decisions about the digital solution that best suit your needs. I work with you to ensure you're asking the right questions and making good decisions regarding quotes you have received.

I can help you with:

 Independent Analysis 

Independent Analysis and Consultation.

Online Business Model Analysis

Software and Cloud Solution Peer Review


 Mobile App Development 

Mobile Application Requirements

Mobile Solution Strategy and Planning

Mobile Platform Service Review


 Website Development

Web Application Requirements

Ecommerce advice and options

Web Form help and related services